World Wide Mind


This is the first book that explains exactly how the brain reacts to the technology we use every day to communicate. Specifically, Michael Chorost details what processes/chemicals in the brain are stimulated when you touch your iPhone, and what chemical addictions compel you to check your e-mail. Going further, he explains the groundbreaking technologies that are being developed now to improve the way we communicate.
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Chorost posits that the way our brains will eventually connect is in a space called the World Wide Mind, a space similar to the Internet.  In the process of explaining these ideas, he teaches us a lot about why we’re addicted to our iPhones and e-mail, how to break away from those addictions, how we humans are meant to connect with each other and what diseases, such as Parkinson’s, can be cured with the brain research that is making the World Wide Mind possible.
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